Welcome to Nextgen Bio Energy (LLP)

NEXTGEN BIO ENERGY (LLP) was created with the idea of identifying opportunities for sustainable fuel development. The model was built on the core idea that any sustainable development would have to be 100% independent of alternate activities, such as those that have been leading to increased deforestation. In the same vein, The NEXTGEN BIO ENERGY (LLP) and ISO Certified model was created to be able to perform without contributing to water wastage or environment harm.

Bio Diesel

We supply our clients with the best
Solution for storage of Bio Diesel.

Bio Fuel

Nextgen Bio Engery has supplied customers
in the India with 100% Bio Diesel since 2018.

Fuel Oil

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stock, but Nextgen Bio Energy supplies
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Biofuel Programme

To meet the increasing energy needs of the country and to provide EnergySecurity, National Policy on Biofuels was announced in December 2009.
The major goals of the policy are Development and utilization of indigenous non-food feed stocks raised on degraded or waste lands, thrust on research and development on cultivation, processing and production of biofuels and a blending mandate of 20% Ethanol and Bio-diesel by 2017. The Policy can be seen at National Policy on Biofuels. The objective of biofuel programme is to support R&D, Pilot plant/ Demonstration projects leading to commercial development of 2nd Generation biofuels. The ministry supports R & D projects for development of technologies for production of biofuels through Biogas, Pyrolysis and Gastification, besides promoting deployment of technologies for pilot and full-scale projects on biofuels in general. On World Biofuel Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi fuelled a hope. “India can save Rs 12,000 crore in foreign exchange in the next four years due to ethanol blending in petrol,” he said at a time when the country’s crude import bill has touched Rs 8 lakh crore. Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has also been harping on the importance of alternative fuels. During a recent visit to Charoda in Chhattisgarh’s Durg district, he said the state has immense potential for biofuel, referring to India’s first biofuel-powered flight from Dehradun to Delhi on August 27 that used oil from jatropha (Jatropha curcas) seeds in Chhattisgarh.

Now Transporters Can Save 10% On Their Fuel Cost By Using Biodiesel.

Benefits Of  Bio Diesel

  • Better Engine Performance

  • Less Engine Noise

  • Better Lubrication 

  • Increased Engine Life

  • More Torque

  • More Pickup

  • Burns Cleaner -Less Wastage

  • Last Longer

  • Greater Milage

  • No Modification in Existing Infra

  • Renewable Source

  • Aromatics-Free

  • Non.Explosive

  • Consistent Performance in all Driving and weather Conditions

  • Lower Toxicity Compared to Petroleum Diesel Fuel

  • Safe To handle

  • Bio Diesel is Bio Degradable