About Us

 There has never been so much interest in alternative fuels, driven by concerns about the environment, as well as the rising cost of fossil fuels. Nextgen Bio-Energy LLP believes in delivering affordable technology solutions that exceeds expectations. We are committed to developing excellence in the biodiesel market, producing the highest quality fuel.Our founders have wide-ranging experience in the environmental waste management and biodiesel industries.

Bio Diesel is dervied from 100% Veg Feed stocks like PALM, SOYA, SUNFLOWER. Having similar properties as compared to Petro,Diesel is can be mixed to the tune of 50% in regular petro diesel as its environment friendly, zero emissions and 100% biodegradable.

Nextgen Bio Energy promotes the inclusion of waste-based biodiesel in the fuel mix as a sustainable and workable means of reducing greenhouse gas and carbon emissions in transport. .
Nextgen Bio Energy does this by offering constructive input to debates on climate and energy policy; providing expert advice to institutions, governments and interested parties. Nextgen Bio Energy represents the interests of the waste biodiesel industry at large. Our members produce biofuel from used cooking oil, animal fats and other waste feedstocks such as food waste, brown grease or free fatty acids, offering greenhouse gas savings in excess of 90% when compared with fossil fuel (mineral diesel fuel) and are non-crop based, non-food and non-feed competing  (there are no competing uses for our inputs)

Our Vision & Mission

We make India more clean and healthy Environment!

Our focus is to produce Cost Efficiency Product for Our Clients!!